Hi. I am a

Technical Support Engineer
based in India


Passionate about untangling tech issues | Driven to deliver exceptional customer support

Fueled by a passion for troubleshooting, I thrive in fast-paced technical support environments. My experience resolving customer inquiries and guiding them through technical solutions translates to exceptional customer service. My expertise in tools like FLXpoint further equips me to tackle challenges and ensure seamless user experiences.


Work Experience

DelhiWallpapers (StartUp)

Oct 2020 - March 2023


May 2023 - Sept 2023


Sept 2023 - Dec 2023


What I am awesome at

Troubleshoot Tech issue and communication with the customer adn make them comfortable so that they can share there issue.


Narrow down the issue and catagorise it, then finding the best appraoch to solve it. Break the problem into small points them solve them one by one.


Make customer comfortable and getting the write information save my time for troubleshooting.

Brand experience

I always keep in my mind that instead of i am working for an organisation, i am representing that Organisation.

Rotational Shifts

I have opted all working shifts and made my routine accordingly so that i would not hamper my work and client experience.

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